Welcome to the UCL Crypto Group

The UCL Crypto Group gathers some twenty researchers with backgrounds from microelectronics, telecommunications, computer science and mathematics.

This wide diversity of knowledge allowed the group to develop a strong expertise in cryptography but also in its applications to various security related issues, including physical attacks and countermeasures on hardware devices (smart-cards, FPGAs, ASICs), efficient implementation of cryptosystems, design and analysis of cryptosystems and protocols, elliptic curve and identity based cryptography, formal foundations of cryptography, zero-knowledge identification, privacy enhancing technologies, voting systems, spam analysis, etc.

Through strong commitment to academic research (more than 150 international publications since 2004) and its numerous collaborations with industrial partners, the UCL Crypto Group is intensively involved in the evolution of security technology, including the design of the next generation of smart-cards, sensor networks, privacy preserving systems, etc.

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Melissa Azouaoui, Davide Bellizia, Ileana Buhan, Nicolas Debande, Sebastien Duval, Christophe Giraud, Eliane Jaulmes, François Koeune, Elisabeth Oswald, François-Xavier Standaert, and Carolyn Whitnall. A Systematic Appraisal of Side Channel Evaluation Strategies, pages 44-66, November 2020 BibTeX

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Davide Bellizia, Olivier Bronchain, Gaëtan Cassiers, Vincent Grosso, Chun Guo, Charles Momin, Olivier Pereira, Thomas Peters, and François-Xavier Standaert. Mode-Level vs. Implementation-Level Physical Security in Symmetric Cryptography - A Practical Guide Through the Leakage-Resistance Jungle, In Daniele Micciancio and Thomas Ristenpart, editor(s), Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO 2020, pages 369--400, Spinger, August 2020 BibTeX

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