CAlculs MUltiparties Sécurisés (Secured Multiparty Computation)

Camus intends to facilitate the collaboration between people/companies with diverging interests aiming to reach a common objective.

In many contexts, competitors, or partners negotiating a commercial transaction, need to settle together a set of values: a selling price, a production volume, the use time of a common resource, ... Determining optimal values for these parameters often implies sharing a lot of information (actual production costs, preferred periods, ...), and the negotiating partners tend to be reluctant to reveal this information. In practice, this behaviour results in a suboptimal parametrization which may be harmful in particular for small or emerging actors.

It is the ambition of Camus to solve this problem through techniques emulating a "virtual trusted third party": the project will define communication protocols allowing a group of actors to behave as if a trusted third party were present: everybody would act as if he was providing this virtual trusted third party with all his confidential information. The third party would use it only to compute the desired result and then reveal the expected optimization result, and nothing more.






Region Wallonne This project is funded by the Walloon region - Program WIST 3.0