Marquage d'IP Sécurisé (Secured IP Marking)

Today a growing number of companies are focusing on the design of circuits and systems, leaving the final manufacturing to a subcontractor or another company to which the circuit is licensed as intellectual property (IP). Given the high commercial value of these IPs, the respect of the contract terms is of crucial importance. Typically, the problem lies in ensuring that the IP has been used to manufacture the 1000 pieces described in the contract, and no more than that.

MIPSs tackles this problem using an innovative approach based on the principle of the so-called "physical" attacks against cryptographic circuits. It has been showed since the late 90's that power consumption, electromagnetic radiations or computing time of a chip may allow an adversary to retrieve the secret keys used by the cryptographic algorithms running on the chip. The idea of MIPSs is to use these characteristics in a constructive and flexible way.

The goal of the project is to develop a technique to determine whether a circuit is based on a given IP or not, in order to detect unlawful uses.






Region Wallonne This project is funded by the Walloon region - Program WIST 3.0