TRUEDEV: Trust in end-user device

For several years, a centralization of the computing material means has been going on. This was made possible by the advances achieved in the virtualization technologies. This trend goes together with another one known as "Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)". The latter aims to let the public use their own client device (computer, smartphone,...) to reach online services.

BYOD allows reducing the number of tools the users need to have at their disposal (no need to have different devices for private and professional usage). What's more, as the user can choose a single client, he can choose devices embedding  personalized assisting technologies (audio support, bigger keys for the keyboard,...) in all circumstances, limiting thus the barriers to the use.

For the company however, this trend induces a risky loss of control. The user's device, whose securisation is impossible to check, may be infected by a malware at the origin of leakage, loss or corruption of company data. On the other side, the employee may also fear that the data resulting from a personal usage become accessible to the employer.

Outside the professional context, the multiplication of online services (banks, administrations,...) entails increasing risks and security breaches.

TRUEDEV intends to create the conditions that will allow:


BlueKrypt Qilium UCL-CRYPTO UNamur-CRIDS


Region Wallonne This project is funded by the Walloon region - Program GreenTIC